As part of the ongoing efforts in support of the professionalization of the security community, we are pleased to provide the ongoing support to ASIS Chapter 140 as the local chapter certification representative. These efforts include monitoring changes to certification packages and providing support in terms of coaching and mentoring them through the certification process.


Local Activity

We are currently updating our online learning platforms in support of this activity, moving from the traditional webpage to a full Learning Management / Course Management system. The end result will be a significant improvement and service for those individuals seeking to improve their professional standing within the Asset Protection and Security community while also broadening the resources available within the region. The following links are intended for those currently registered in this system:



For information on timings and registration for the above certifications, please visit the ASIS International Chapter 140 website. Alternatively, you can write us at the “courses@” with our domain name above.


International Activity

We are proud to be taking a leadership role in the finalization of a number of projects supporting the professionalization of the Asset Protection and Security community worldwide. These include the following:


  • As the lead on the distance learning project for the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals (IAMSP), intended to bring credible, cost effective security training to those involved in the protection of maritime infrastructure and international shipping.
  • As the lead on several class and course based projects intended to support the professionalization of the Maritime Security industry which is now in the latter stages of development for certification-level courses and preparation courses, several awareness level courses, and the provision of working tools in support of processes described in those courses.
  • Participation on international working groups ranging from the Physical Security Council with ASIS International, as the Chief Learning Officer for the international Association of Maritime Security Professionals,, and recent working groups addressing issues of cyber-security in the maritime domain.