Welcome to the EvSec Canada. We focus on working with our clients to bring their security programs to the next level with respect to some core elements:


  • Being able to clearly demonstrate the relevance of the program to your organization’s business or operations;
  • Being able to clearly demonstrate which areas require attention;
  • Being able to clearly focus activities in terms of scope and the application of resources; and
  • Being able to clearly demonstrate what progress is being made over time.


Our principal, outside of his military experience, has over fifteen years experience in the Asset Protection and Security community. Over the past ten years, he has specialized on the development of risk and performance-based systems that include leading edge approaches to risk analysis, assessment and management and that have integrated forward thinking tools to improve the financial accountability of the security program to the organization’s senior management.


Our principal is also a strong proponent of staying in front in the professional community. In addition to holding several certifications, he is an active member in the professional community and has been actively involved in the development of that community in the Ottawa, Ontario area for the past ten years.